Stephanie Queen~Winter Whiskey Roasted Chicken Pie

Cover Beachcomber LoveHello and welcome to Romance Recipes where I am happy to introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! Today I am bringing you author, Stephanie Queen, and her recipe for Winter Whiskey Roasted Chicken Pie along with an introduction to her romantic detective release, Beachcomber Love. Please join me in welcoming Stephanie and savor her recipe for roasted chicken as you read about her new book!

Winter Whiskey Roasted Chicken Pie

A Beachcomber Investigations Sassy Stephens Pie Recipe

Beachcomber Investigations is a romantic detective series featuring Dane & Shana, two intrepid bad-asses based operating on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Their world is populated by a number of locals including Sassy Stephens, Pie Shop owner and wannabe junior detective.

Sassy is famous for helping out the duo in a pinch. Her specialty is providing provisions for Dane & Shana, neither of whom have ever prepared a meal—unless you count making a pot of strong coffee or pouring a glass of tequila over ice.

In the latest installment, Beachcomber Love, Shana visits Sassy’s Pie Shop and takes home an experimental pie. We don’t know if it’s good or bad, but Dane and Shana eat it for dinner and they do end up besting the bad guy in the end. [Spoiler Alert. Not.]

Here’s Sassy’s recipe for Winter Whiskey Roasted Chicken Pie:

NOTE: This recipe is not for the faint of heart. Sassy is a professional!


Roasting Chicken

Winter Whiskey Cider Marinade (see recipe below)

Frozen corn

Mashed Potatoes (preferably homemade with butter and light cream!)

Pie Crust (pre-made okay. I use Pillsbury)

Homemade gravy (see recipe below)

Green beans (canned or frozen, well drained, okay)

  • Step 1: Brush the chicken with the Winter Whiskey Cider Marinade. Inject chicken with marinade if you have a meat injector. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate a half hour. Place 4-5 slices of butter on the chicken.
  • Step 2: Roast chicken at 350 degrees for the amount of time according to the weight.
  • Step 3: While Chicken is roasting, assemble mashed potatoes (already made), corn and green beans. Place one crust in bottom of glass pie plate (large).
  • Step 4: When Chicken is roasted, remove it to a plate and prepare gravy (see recipe below).
  • Step 5: remove chicken from bone and place two cups of chicken pieces (including some skin) into pie plate, add gravy (about 1 cup or as desired), mashed potatoes (1 cup or as desired), ½ cup of corn and ½ cup of green beans.
  • Step 6: place second pie crust on top and seal edges. With a knife make several holes in the top to vent.
  • Step 7: place in 400 degree oven for ~30 minutes or until crust is lightly browned.

Last step:  Cut a slice and enjoy!

Winter Whiskey Cider Marinade:

¼ cup Bourbon

½ cup Apple Cider

¼ cup of molasses

2 Tblsp Brown Sugar

Garlic Powder to taste

Onion Powder to taste

Juice from ½ lime

Mix together in a glass bowl, adjusting consistency with water.

Homemade Chicken Gravy

¾ cup flour

2 cups water

drippings from roasted chicken

poultry seasoning

Scrape all drippings from roasting pan and pour into 2-quart saucepan. Add water to flour and mix thoroughly. Pour into pan with drippings over low heat. Add poultry seasoning to taste. Stir until it begins to boil. Take pan off heat.


Chapter 1

Are you kidding me?

That was the last response Dane had wanted to hear from Shana. The question that had elicited the response—which wasn’t exactly a question, more of a suggestion, a recommendation, maybe even a command if you took into account his general demeanor and history of ordering people around—had been ‘Marry me.

Dane lay in bed staring at the ceiling, alone and getting restless. Contemplating the past few days’ events that had brought him here caused a tic in his right jaw muscle.

He’d passed Shana’s tests. She’d passed his, although she probably hadn’t realized he’d been testing her. Scratch that—because when hadnt he been testing her?

Luckily for him—lucky for her too, he’d like to think—she’d come around about the marriage suggestion. But it had been rocky. Hell, their whole relationship had been rocky.

Normally he liked it that way. Liked life bumpy and full of challenges. It made a man feel alive. But right now, he was at a peculiar juncture. Dane had some recuperating to do after their last so-called challenge. The case of the dead husband had involved a tough ATF man who turned out to be dirtier than he was tough.

Dane had taken a shot to the head, but the bastard ATF man had been a lousy shot and the bullet only left a groove on the left side of his skull instead of a hole in it. He’d had a concussion or two before, but this time it was taking him longer than his usual mortality-defying quick-healing process. Maybe the doc was right.

Youre no spring chicken. Youve got some rough mileage on you.

He didn’t want to think about his mileage, and that went double for his age. It inevitably led him to think about Shana’s age—a full ten years less than his own. Not a shocking difference, certainly not a game-ender, but for the first time he felt concern as he sat up in bed and swung his feet to the floor feeling every last minute of his forty years.

Youve seen far more than your reasonable share of fights and its time to pay the piper.

Dane didn’t want to think about what the doctor meant by that either. He already knew he was living on borrowed time, but he’d decided not to question it. Something about a gift horse and looking in its mouth. He waited for the dizziness and nausea to pass before standing up, but the headache seemed to be a permanent guest thudding away at his shell-shocked brain.

Fortified by the smell of fresh brewed coffee—and the hallway wall that he half leaned against—he stumbled into the kitchen. Lover girl was on the phone, but she turned to gift him with her star struck smile as if he were Adonis coming down from the heavens.

Meanwhile, he was dressed in sweats and hadn’t shaved or showered in two days. Maybe she was the one with a head case. He smiled back as best he could, then straightened, without falling over.


“Mum, let me call you back. Dane is up and we’re having coffee.” She maintained her smile in spite of the fact that her heart beat fast with alarm. He looked too pale and too unsteady and decidedly not Dane-like. She had no idea what her mother said but the next voice she heard was her brother Billy’s.

“Hey, sis. Dirk is gonna be real disappointed that you’re cancelling your trip back home.”

She scoffed and turned away from Dane, grabbing the pot of coffee to fill him a cup and cover her insta-tension. Just hearing the name Dirk after three years was still a lightning rod for a whole lot of turmoil and anger. Mostly anger.

“Not bloody likely. We’ve been done for years.”

“About that,” Billy said.

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Beachcomber Love is available in the anthology A Valentine Shell Remember for $.99 on Amazon:

Meet Stephanie:SQ Closeup at NEAuthorExpo Enhanced

Stephanie Queen is the USA Today bestselling author of the romantic detective series, Beachcomber Investigations. She lives in bucolic New Hampshire with her family, her cat and her fun-loving friends. Besides going to the gym sporadically, Stephanie cooks and crochets and loves chocolate covered potato chips (yes, she should go to the gym more often).

She used to be a 9 to fiver working in downtown Boston, but has thrown her stylish suits and fancy heels in a closet and now hangs out in UConn t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. “If I could come back in another life as anything I wanted, I’d be a regency era heroine.” (Not surprisingly) Regency romances are her favorite secret reads.

Connect with Stephanie:

Newsletter Sign-Up:


Twitter:  @StephanieQueen






Thank you for joining us for another Romance Recipes! I hope you’ll stop by next week to meet another author, try a new recipe and pick up a new book!


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